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Milking & Herd Management, Automatic Detachers & Milk Meters

Milking & Herd Management Systems & Software

Schlueter A wide variety of dairy farm management software & milking automation

Schlueter Eco-Flow Milk Meters
Affordable milk management Record/analyze yields, flow rates, temperatures time & more


Eco-Flow Package Part # 47050 includes (Control, Sensor, Cylinder, Pulsator & Shut-off)

Eco-Flow Milk Meter Features
– Milk Yield
– Flow Rate
– Milk and Water Temperature
– Milking Time
– Electrical Conductivity (Mastitis Detection)

Technical Free flow design – Maintenance free, has ability to measure small animal quantities Stand-alone or working with Automatic ID. In-Post ID from any MPC

Additional Packages (Control and Sensor Only) – Part # 47051
(Control Box Only) – Part # 47052, (Flow Sensor Only) – Part # 47053

Parts (Network Adapter: 47054, Sensor Bracket Left: 47055, Sensor Bracket Right: 47056)

Schlueter Milk Watch Milking System – A Complete Herd Management Package

Schlueter Milk Watch – Milk Watch Detacher System Part # 46980 (See Additional Parts in Dairy Catalog on Pg. 3)


Software Options Activity, Agenda (Event Planning), Engineer Tools, Lactation, Milk, Cow Traffic, Auto Parlor Gate IMB, Concentrated Feed, Feed IMB/ Stall, Watch Ctrl. IMB

Milk Watch System Functions
– Pulsation Control (Adjustable Speed & Ratio)
– Milking Machine Takeoff (Kickoff Indication and Milk Evacuation)
– Milk Yields & Flow Rates Reliably Obtained at Lower Cost
– Milk Conductivity & Milk/Wash Temperatures
– Free Flow Sensor for 5/8” & ¾” Hose
– Milking Time & Adjustable Time Delays
– Operates Parlor and Sort Gates
– Set & Monitor Cleaning Parameters
– Data Transfers to PC from yield, conductivity, animal health, milk quality, and fertility for herds
– Interfaces w/ Dairy Comp & Integrates w/ Milk Watch ID to Track Animal ID & Stall Address

Introducing Calf 35™ Revolutionary Milking Management & Pulsation System
Innovative design for pulsation to create liner movement that emulates a suckling calf
– Calf 35 uses low vacuum around 10.2 inches Hg to open liners and remove milk from the teat end and uses positive pressure (compressed air) to close the liners


Calf 35™ Pulsation Systems Complete System Part # 47700
The Modern complete pulsation system delivering incredible results in milking productivity and speed and vast improvements in animal health and longevity (more lactations)

Calf 35™ System Features
– System Runs at 80-90 cycles/min.
– Improving Milk Flow Rates
– Includes Surepulse™ Plastic Inserts (Control Movement of Liner Walls
– Eliminate Ballooning)
– No Cup Slip at 35-36 kPa/10.2 in. Hg vacuum
– Excellent Teat Health/ Fuller Milk Outs and Happier Cows
– Significant Savings in Animal Health
– Less Cow Replacement
– Remote Monitoring/ Data Tracking


Schlueter Safgard™ Automated Detachers

Schlueter Detachers Industry’s highest quality & extremely competitively priced systems

Schlueter ECR Compact Electronic Cluster Removal Automatic Detacher


– Zero restriction on fastest and heaviest cows, quick, even milk harvest
– Pulsation controlled by detacher- extending liner and pulsator life
– Stainless Steel Retract Cylinders for vacuum with rope/SS chain, air & SS swing arm options

(ECR Compact Package w/ Cylinder & Rope) Part # 46967 (Control box, tuned port red/black pulsator, switching valve, milk-flow sensor, stainless steel retract cylinder w/ rope, milk shut-off valve, & Pipeline hangers)
(ECR Compact w/ Chain Cylinder) Part# 46968 (ECR Compact w/ SS Swing Arm): Part# 46967-A

ECR Compact Programmable Features
Milk sweep, cluster release, vacuum on delay, retract delay, stimulating pulsation, flow rate

Safgard™ Stainless Steel Swing-Arms – Complete Unit Part # 47440


Designed for herringbone, parabone, and parallel milking parlors. Design allows for one size to fit all installations. Install with very little on farm labor

– Full Stainless Steel Construction and SS Retract Cylinder
– Use with Automatic Detachers
– Excellent for Retro-fitting Existing Parlors
– Fully Adjustable Cylinder Angle (Gives proper milking claw alignment)
– Open-Pit Work Area Increases Throughput and Operator Comfort
– Customization Available Upon Request

Schlueter Safgard™ D2 Detacher Systems
(D2 System Complete) Part # 47460
– (2 Stalls w/ Cylinders, Shut Off/Sensor, Pulsator Valve, Control Box, Button Box and Back Clamps)


Features D2 System One control to run two stalls. Settings for all detachers can be changed in seconds with a keystroke at your computer from milking delays to detach signals, no need to open each stall’s control box. Customize your settings and fine-tune for your herd. Easier installation given far fewer units required serving two stalls, priced for all sized dairies!

Schlueter Miscellaneous Detacher Parts

Schlueter Detacher Parts
DescriptionPart Number
Large Capacity ¾” Vac Operated Diaphragm Shut-off Valve46960
Waikato™ Sensor/Shut-off Valve46962
Clear Diaphragm Only for Waikato™ Sensor/Shut-off Valve46962-1
Stainless Vacuum Operated Clamp Valve47486
Diaphragm Only for Stainless Vacuum Operated Clamp Valve47477
Composite Vacuum Operated Clamp Valve47491
Strap for Composite Vacuum Operated Clamp Valve47491-1
Seal Ring for Composite Vacuum Operated Clamp Valve47491-2
Milk Hose Air Pressure Shut-Off47469
Strap for 7/8" Hose for Milk Hose Air Pressure Shut-Off47469-1
Rubber Boot Cover for 5/8" Hose for Milk Hose Air Pressure Shut-Off47469-2
Shut-Off Diaphragm only for Safgard™ Parlor PTO Sensor46881-0
Replacement Diaphragms (Westfalia™, Bou-Matic™, Beco™)47492
Silicone Line Gasket47492-1
Stainless Detacher Chain (Sold by the Foot)47494
Stainless 2” x 32” Vacuum Retract Cylinder (w/ Rope)47446-A
Stainless 2” x 32” Vac Retract Cylinder (w/ Chain - air capable)47450
Copy for Westfalia™ ACR 37” SS Vac Retract Cylinder w/ Rope47493-A
Copy for Delaval™ SST#2 (w/ Rope)47488-A
Copy for Delaval™ SST#2 (w/ Chain)47488-B
Piston Replacement for Delaval™ SST#2 Cylinder47488-D
Seal Replacement for Delaval™ SST#2 Cylinder47488-E
Cylinder Bottom for Delaval™ SST#2 and Bou-Matic™ Cylinders47488-C

**Delaval SST#2, Milk Master Take-Off, Bou-Matic Perfection Meter, Solenoid Valves, & Westfalia, Surge & GEA Takeoff, Board Replacements, Parts all on pg’s. 6-7 of Dairy Catalog

Waikato™ E-Z OFF Takeoff 3” RAM Complete Part # 47423-1


Milk Meters

Waikato™ Mark-V Milk Meters (V-Block Mount): 65 Lb. Part # 46224 92 Lb. Part # 46218 4.5 L Milk Meter for Goats Part # 46221 *Milk Meter parts pg. 8 Dairy Catalog. Waikato™ Milk Meter w/ Speed Sampler 92 Lb. Meter w/ Speed Sampler: Part # 46215
92 Lb. Speed Sampler Only Part # 46216
42 Kg. Meter w/ Speed Sampler
(less wedge mount) Part # 46217
42 Kg. Speed Sampler Only Part # 46217-1


Pasteurization Systems and Cream Separators

Schlueter Pasteurization Systems

Pasteurization Introduction
Schlueter manufactures many pasteurizers from Industrial to Home Use Models and choices of pasteurizers (Batch and HTST, Big and Small) for calf and/or human consumption.

Pasteurizers are incredibly useful, resourceful, and environmental in abilities to process sick cow, fresh cow, and colostrum milk into usable calf milk feed and for human consumption.

  • Why throw away milk that can be used to improve the health and survival of the next generation of herd replacement heifers!

Schlueter Safgard™ Home Pasteurizers
Safgard™ Home Pasteurizers – A Schlueter Staple Product Line for Decades!


– P3000 Pasteurizers Provide Better Tasting Milk in Less Time and with Far Less Effort
– Fast, Low-Temperature pasteurization under low-pressure at-home or on farm
– Single and Dual Temp (for Colostrum) P3000 Safgard™ Home Pasteurizers Available

Home Pasteurizer Features
• Highly Durable    • Efficient
• Reliable     • Extremely Well-Built
Standard units have aluminum containers/pails; also offered w/ heavy-duty Stainless Steel
P3000 Single Temp. 8 Qt., 110V Part #: 26710 & 220V Part #: 26710-1
P3000 SS Stainless inside pail, Single Temp. 8 Qt., 110V Part #: 26705
P3000 Dual Temp. (for Colostrum), 8 Qt., 110V Part #: 32846

Schlueter Electric Cream Separators
Remove contaminants and separate milk into cream and skimmed milk
Model EL-I: 132 Qt/Hr., 10.5 Qt. Storage Cream Separator Part # 46282
Model EL-III:
332 Qt/Hr., 26.5 Qt. Storage Cream Separator: Part #46283-1
Model 18 – Metal Cream Separator:
25 Gal./Hr., 3 Gal Bowl, 120/220V Part # 46289
Model 19 – Composite Cream Separator:
25 Gal./Hr., 3 Gal Bowl, 120/220V Part # 46288
Model 500 – Metal Cream Separator:
132 Gal./Hr., No Bowl, 220V Euro/250 Watt Part # 46290

Schlueter Safgard™ Batch/Vat Pasteurization

What to know: Batch Pasteurizers vs. HTST (High Temperature Short Time)
Schlueter makes and sells these two types – batch pasteurizers and high-temperature short-time (HTST) units.

  1. Batch pasteurizers raise milk to a certain temperature, such as 145 degrees F, for a relatively long period of time –30 minutes, as example.
  2. HTST units do what their name implies – they raise milk to “High Temp” about 161 degrees F and maintain it for “Short Time”, about 15 seconds. The batch and smaller HTST units are self-contained, usually needing only a 240-volt service and one or two water lines to operate. larger HTST units need equipping with a boiler to heat the water used in the pasteurization process.

Safgard™ Batch Pasteurizers for Calf Milk Features

  • Stainless steel construction to 3A standards
  • Cost savings on powdered milk
  • Reduction of medicines
  • Heat exchanger in the tank walls, upgrades available also
  • Agitators with stainless steel cover (Typically 45 RPM)
  • Spray ball included for CIP tank washing

Additional Options Include

  • Milk Pump / Wash Pump with Hoses instead of Agitator
  • Process Automation PLC computer for Manual & Automatic Processing
  • Automatic Electric Heating & Cooling Valves

Features Required to Meet PMO Compliance for Human Consumption

  • Same Advantages as Calf Milk Pasteurizers Plus More
  • Variable Temperature & Speed
  • Airspace Heater w/ Filter
  • Vertical Leak Detector Valve
  • Recorder with two (2) Pens & two (2) Temperature Transmitters for PMO Compliance
  • Sanitary Fittings needed for Temp. Sensors and Recorders
  • Can Retro-Fit Non-PMO-Compliant Units to Human Consumption by Adding the Above

55 Gallon Safgard™ Economy Calf Milk Pasteurizers

Dairy schlueter 55 gal human consumption calf milk pasteurizer

55 Gallon Safgard™ Economy Calf Milk Pasteurizers Part # 80060
55 Gal. Safgard™ Human Consumption Pasteurizers Part #: 80060-H (PMO & 3A Compliant)
Additional Options Include

  • Chart Recorder
  • Air Cavity Heater
  • Variable Speed Exchanger

45 & 90 Gal Safgard™ Batch Pasteurizers for Calf Milk & Human Consumption
(45 Gallon Pasteurizer Calf Milk) Part # 80070 (45 Gal. for Human Consumption) Part # 80070-H
(90 Gallon Pasteurizer Calf Milk) Part # 80080 (90 Gal. for Human Consumption) Part # 80080-H

Dairy schlueter 90 gallon pasteurizer

Schlueter Safgard™ Portable Batch/Vat Pasteurizers

Schlueter dairy bulk milk mover

Safgard™ Bulk Milk Mover (40 Gallon Mover) Part # 80110 & (70 Gallon Mover) Part # 80111

Decrease time and heavy labor in feeding calves

Tricycle wheel-base, 2400 lb. capacity wheel bearings great on rough terrain or inclines

Made in America

Stainless Tank Body & Cover

Fits Through 36” Doorway

Adjustable Electric Drive

Dispensing pump & nozzle assembly give precise feeding in little time

Perfect delivery of raw milk/milk replacer – with optimal Variable Speed Mixer

MilkCab™ Mobile Tanks 26 Gal. Tank Complete Unit Part # 80127

Schlueter dairy mobile milk cab

– Type 304 Stainless Milk Tank, Polyurethane foam insulation & wheel brake – Intuitive user interface w/ 4.3” color display placed on front side of tank to control function – Stainless cover ensures protection of electrical components – Heat exchanger on tank’s sidewall and bottom for faster milk heating & time savings – Agitates during heating, pasteurize, & cooling ensures uniformed temp. throughout milk – No burned contents during pasteurization

HTST (High Temp. Short Time) Pasteurization for Calf Milk & Human Consumption

HTST units do what their name implies – they raise milk to “High Temp” ave. 140-161 degrees F & maintain it for “Short Time“, about 15 seconds. The batch & smaller HTST units are self-contained, usually needing only a 240-volt service & one or two water lines to operate. larger HTST units need equipping with a boiler to heat the water used in the pasteurization process.

HTST Pasteurizers Model A & Model S for Calf Milk & Human Consumption

Schlueter dairy htst pasteurizers(Pictured Here: Model A HTST Pasteurizer)

”Model A” HTST Calf Milk Pasteurizer Features

  • Continuous Processing
  • Energy Efficient Regeneration Plate Section
  • Skid Mounted for Easy Installation
  • Best Price for 400 GPH Gal/Hr. and Higher Units

“Model S” HTST Pasteurizers Features

  • Meets US Sanitary Standards
  • 3-A and PMO compliant units available for Human Consumption
  • All stainless-steel construction & mounting
  • Processor controlled pasteurizing with recorder/controller
  • Can pasteurize liquid variety & other foods/applications beyond milk
  • Extra cooler section available for bottling cold products

Schlueter dairy model s htst pasteurizers

Schlueter Safgard™ HTST Pasteurizer Models & Part Numbers

Schlueter HTST Pasteurizers
DescriptionGallons/Hr.Part Number
Model A10080150
Model A20080151
Model A30080152
Model A50080153
Mod. A Autom. Inlet Valve80154
Mod. A Stainless Plate Heat Exchanger80155
Mod A Autom. Wash/Batch Unit80156
Model S30080160
Model S60080161
Model S80080162
Model S100080163
Model S150080164
Model S200080165
Mod. S Autom. Inlet Valve80166
Mod. S Stainless Plate Heat Exchanger80167
Mod. S Autom. Wash/Batch Unit80168
Leak Detector Plug Valve 1-1/2" Horiz. Tri-Clamp80075
Plug Valve 1-1/2" Vertical Tri-Clamp80075-1
Plug Valve 2" Horizontal Tri-Clamp80076
Plug Valve 2" Vertical Tri-Clamp80076-1