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Sanitizing & Wash-Up Hoses & Nozzles

Revised schlueter sanitizing nozzles and wash or udder hosing

Sanitizing & Wash-Up Hoses & Nozzles
Description / ModelPart Number
Lonn™ Straight Sanitizing Nozzle40097
Lonn™ 45 Deg. Sanitizing Nozzle40096
4' Sanitizing Hose (1/4" IPT x GHT)40103
5' Sanitizing Hose (1/4" IPT x GHT)40104
6' Sanitizing Hose (1/4" IPT x GHT)40098
8' Sanitizing Hose (1/4" IPT x GHT)40099
12' Sanitizing Hose (1/4" IPT x GHT)40100
16' Sanitizing Hose (1/4" IPT x GHT)40115
20' Sanitizing Hose (1/4" IPT x GHT)40102
22' Sanitizing Hose (1/4" IPT x GHT)40116
4' Udder Hose (1/4" IPT x 1/4" IPT)40117
5' Udder Hose (1/4" IPT x 1/4" IPT)40118
6' Udder Hose (1/4" IPT x 1/4" IPT)40119
8' Udder Hose (1/4" IPT x 1/4" IPT)40120
12' Udder Hose (1/4" IPT x 1/4" IPT)40121
6' Male & Fem. 3/8" GHT Wash-Up Hose40023
10' Male & Fem. 3/8" GHT Wash-Up Hose40024
15' Male & Fem. 3/8" GHT Wash-Up Hose40025
20' Male & Fem. 3/8" GHT Wash-Up Hose40026
25' Male & Fem. 3/8" GHT Wash-Up Hose40027
30' Male & Fem. 3/8" GHT Wash-Up Hose40028
6' Male & Fem. 1/2" GHT Wash-Up Hose40032
10' Male & Fem. 1/2" GHT Wash-Up Hose40036
15' Male & Fem. 1/2" GHT Wash-Up Hose40038
20' Male & Fem. 1/2" GHT Wash-Up Hose40041
25' Male & Fem. 1/2" GHT Wash-Up Hose40042
30' Male & Fem. 1/2" GHT Wash-Up Hose40043

Schlueter dairy spray nozzles

AccuPro Dispensers Model 1 GPM Part # 40345
Ideal dispenser for concentrated teat dips, cups, buckets & chemicals used on your farm

Schlueter dairy accupro chemical diluder

Pressure Regulation Technology: Easy, economical way to dilute concentrated chemicals at a push of a button, the patented AccuPro Pressure Regulation Technology delivers dilution accuracy regardless of fluctuations in water pressure

AccuPro Features

  • Molded construction – withstands most concentrated teat dips including iodine
  • Easy water connection
  • No air needed / No electricity needed
  • Built-in flushable filter
  • Dilution range 128:1 Max / 2.5:1 Min

TeatBrite Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps (1) Pump Part # 40350 & (2) Pump Part # 40351
Plus, 2 pump system as Single product complete with redundant back-up pump Part# 40352

Schlueter dairy teatbrite air op diaphragm pump dispenser

TeatBrite dispensers offer you the flexibility to dispense RTU chemistry for any number of dairy farm applications. Using air operated diaphragm pump technology, TeatBrite systems can be mounted hundreds of feet away and areeatBr capable of delivering teat dips to parlors, hoof health chemistry to hoof baths, or any other important dispensing needs.

TeatBrite Features

  • Small profile wall mount
  • Quick disconnect air fitting pre-installed
  • Proven Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps

FoamMaster Power Cleaning Systems
FoamMaster power cleaning systems automatically dilutes concentrated cleaning products with water & use compressed air to generate a thick, rich, clinging foam
– There is no more effective method for cleaning large areas like rotary and parallel parlors than foam cleaning.

Schlueter dairy foammaster power cleaning

Model FM 865 Drum Mounted Single product system 3.5 GPM Part # 40338

FM 899 Power Cleaning System, wall mount, Dual product System 1.2 GPM Part # 40339

FM 898 Power Cleaning System, wall mount, Single product system: 2.4 GPM Part # 40340
– This method helps avoid damage done to surfaces by high pressure equipment and reduces labor time incurred by traditional cleaning methods.
– This method allows you to control air and water flow to deliver the foam thickness you need
– The standard unit comes complete with 25 feet of heavy-duty discharge hose and brass foam/rinse nozzle with on/off valve to easily reach your intended cleaning areas.
– Built-in check valve prevents compressed air from forcing its way into the water line, allowing increased air flow for better cleaning.

Dosmatic™ 1% MiniDos Part # 40160 & 2.5% SuperDos Part # 40158

Schlueter dairy dosmatic minidos and superdos

RJB™ Teat Dip Units Electric Power Unit 110V Part # 40270 & Electric Power Unit 220V Part # 40271

Schlueter dairy rjb teat dip units

Hudson Water Control Valve Model 40180 Part # 40180
Rust proof construction. Anti-siphon. No float ball. High volume 1′ female connect. No Lever Arm. Installs in Minutes!

Schlueter dairy huson water control valve

Safgard™ Speed King Egg Candler Part # 50001 , Green Filtered Light (removeable filter), White Light (filter removed), Pre-focused, Hi-Low Beam Switch

Safgard™ Lab Water Heaters

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Bag Balm Ointment Pails Part # 47501
4-½ LB Pail, (6) Six Per Case – Helps Fast Healing. For ALL domestic animals: cows, horses, sheep, dogs and cats. Medicated Bag Balm Ointment helps fast healing of small injuries, cuts, chapping, sunburn, massage of caked bag. Stays on.

Schlueter dairy bag balm ointment

Fogmaster Tri-Jet Fogger Model 6208 Part # 48940
The Tri-Jet Fogger is a quality, portable fogger that offers adjustable output for efficient coverage of large areas. Adjustable output from 1⁄3 to max. output (approx. 5 gallons per hour), by turning control knob. Both oil and water-base emulsions are dispersed. The Tri-Jet fogging head adjusts to move fog direction from 27˚ downward to 40˚ upward.

Schlueter dairy fogmaster tri jet fogger